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When, at the start of this scene, Opal Reins, says, "I'm here to do my first anal penetration scene," we wondered whether it was the first time she'd ever been fucked in her ass or the first time she'd ever been fucked in her ass on-camera. We get the answer later on, after Opal has sucked cock (thoroughly lubricating the shaft with her gooey throat sauce) and gotten her pussy fucked hard (the stud's cock slides in slowly, but then, when he's in, he pounds away), Opal takes every inch in her tight butthole. Is this Opal's first ass-fucking ever? What do you think? "Fuck me in the ass!" Opal demands. "I want you in my ass doggie-style." In addition to getting her tight ass fucked, Opal is also into playing mud volleyball (something we'd love to see) and going to the horse races. She enjoys motorcycling, ice skating, white-water rafting, camping and hiking. She loves getting fucked by a cock in one hole while a dildo (or some other kind of sex toy) is working her other hole. Is she classy? Yes. Does she like taking it in the ass? Obviously.
Here we have Marvellee, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom from North Carolina. She's an acting coach. And there we have Milan, a young guy who has come to her for acting lessons. But what kind of acting lessons? "So, you want to be an actor," Marvellee says. "Let's pretend a love scene. Do you think you can do that?' He thinks he can. He can't. She thinks she can teach him. She can't. The guy's a lost cause. "What kind of acting did you think you wanted to do?" she finally asks. "To be honest with you," he says, "I'm a porn actor." And at this point, acting lesson turns into screen test as Marvellee, now very intrigued, finds out whether Milan is good for anything. Turns out he's good for fucking her pussy and asshole, and that doesn't take any acting talent at all. After all, you can fake acting but you can't fake a hard-on. YourMomLovesAnal: Are you a swinger? Marvellee: I am. I started swinging in my early 20s and just never really stopped. YourMomLovesAnal: What was your wildest swinging experience? Marvellee: Probably my first. I ended up walking alone through a party and just poking my head in doors to look around. In one room, a girl was having sex doggy style yet still stopped to ask my name. Then she screamed my name while he fucked her and it was so hot, I had to join in. YourMomLovesAnal: Are you a nudist? Marvellee: No, but I'm definitely an exhibitionist. YourMomLovesAnal: How often do you have sex? Marvellee: Daily, multiple times. YourMomLovesAnal: Anal sex? Marvellee: Yes. I love it when it's initially done slowly and builds. I really loved how Milan fucked my ass in this scene.
Isabella Loren, 46, pierced her nipples and had tattoos placed around her pussy for a simple, strategic reason: "I always want to draw attention to my erogenous zones," she said. "You might have noticed my tattoos almost act like arrows directing you toward the areas where I want you to pay attention: my pussy and my ass. In all honesty, I've never known a woman as horny as I am." Here, it's exercise time for Isabella. When this video opens, she's on the treadmlll, and her personal trainer is putting her through the paces, working her hard. She's getting hot, so she takes off her sweatshirt and reveals a sports bra that's not even covering her nipples. "I must be doing my job," the trainer says, admiring her body, but Isabella tells him that her husband doesn't seem to give a shit. Well, the trainer does, and when he asks Isabella if she's feeling okay, she answers, "No, I need to get fucked. I need cock bad. My fucking husband hasn't given me any cock. I'm so fucking horny right now. I need it. Come over here and finger my pussy for me," she says. She likes a finger in her asshole, too. And a cock. "Fuck that pussy. You want some ass? Put it in me, baby. Nice and slow." Nice and slow at first. Hard and fast real soon. Isabella gets a full-body workout, asshole included. And with her hair covered with cum, she even sucks the cock that just came out of her ass. Raw sleaze.
Fuck dates! That's the point of view of 42-year-old Daisy from Brighton, England. "I'm a porn star,'? she explained, "which means I have plenty of pre-planned sex. But when I'm on my own time, I want it my way." Okay, so what's the deal, Daisy? "The deal is that when a guy asks me out, I know he wants to fuck me, so why not get it over with right away? Let's fuck, then we can go out and enjoy a nice dinner without wondering what's going to happen later. Because we already know!" Daisy sounds like a dream date. Now check out the proof as she gets ass-fucked by a total stranger. Have it your way, Daisy.