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When this scene opens, 43-year-old Soleil almost has the guy's cock in her mouth. She strokes it and squeezes it, her mouth is open, and you know there's nothing she wants more than that cock in her mouth. Unless, of course, it would be that cock in her pussy. Or her ass. "Oh, I want it in my mouth," says Soleil, an Ohio-born almost-divorcee who's now living in Florida. And does she get that cock in her mouth? Eventually. Not before the guy sucks her hard nipples and fingers her pussy. But before long, Soleil (who we think was born for porn) is going deep on his cock, getting it wet and deep into her mouth. More highlights from this scene: The through the legs, up the pussy views of Soleil sucking dick. Soleil getting her legs behind her head so the guy can eat her pussy and asshole. Soleil, in an orgasmic frenzy as the guy fucks her asshole, pulling his cock out so we can see her gaping butthole. The guy having his way with Soleil's asshole as if it's a second pussy. Soleil, face covered in cum, cleaning the dude's cock with her mouth. You're gonna love this woman.
As you watch this scene, it's important to keep in mind that Stella Rose is a 48-year-old woman-next-door from upstate New York, the kind of woman you might see at the mall or the supermarket or even at the gym. Got that? "I really wanna be fucked up the ass. I'm gonna find a hot stud to fuck me in the ass. I need to be fucked in my tight ass so hard," Stella Rose tells us as she touches herself all over at the start of this scene. "Come here, baby," she says to her stud. "I need to be fucked in my ass so hard. You want this ass, baby?" By the way, the people back home in Stella's town don't know about this. Nor do her kids. Or her ex-husband. The stud spanks her ass then pulls down her pantyhose and slaps her bare ass. She lies back so he can finger her asshole. "Oh, deeper, baby!" she moans, her ass getting even more in the mood than it was before. She sucks his cock. She gets her face fucked. Then she gets her pussy fucked. Hey, didn't she say something about needing to have her ass fucked? Well, yeah, she did, and at 15:20, Stella Rose's long wait for cock in her ass finally comes to an end. Anyway, next time you see an attractive, sexy 40something at the store and wonder, "Does she?" keep Stella Rose in mind. Because you just never know.
In this video, Semmie does pushups while totally naked. "I can do this all day," she says. Then our interviewer asks Semmie if she can give pushups while giving a blow job. Semmie, a 49-year-old personal trainer from Las Vegas, is up to the challenge. The stunt cock shows up with a hard-on. Semmie wants to suck it, but first she has to do the pushups. Up, down, up, down, in, out, in, out. She's getting exercise, and she's sucking cock, slurping all over it and going deep! "These are the best pushups of my life," she says in one of the rare instances when her mouth isn't full. Her long nipples are hanging, and she can't get enough cock. Guys, this is a long, lusty blow job. Then she forgets about the pushups and sucks his balls. For more exercise, she rides his cock. Hey, that burns calories, too. Then she gets fucked in the ass. By the time she's done, Semmie has had a full-body workout...and a load of cum on her ass. Semmie was born in Chicago, Illinois and lives in Las Vegas. She works as an administrative assistant. Her measurements are 38-26-38, and there isn't a tattoo or piercing anywhere on her body, most unusual these days. Believe us, we looked.
If you show up at a woman's house and she's dressed like Margo Sullivan is in this scene, and she says, "I've been expecting you," you know your day has taken a turn for the best. Even if you're there to foreclose on her house. "I'm here for the appointment to go over the foreclosure proceedings," you say. "Wonderful," she says. Wonderful? Does she know what foreclosure means? Well, apparently, she does. "You're cute. I was waiting for you," Margo says as she rubs her tits through her barely-there dress, her legs spread and her pantyless pussy exposed. "I don't know what you had planned in your mind, but this is a professional setting," you say. Well, it was, but it isn't anymore. And maybe she can't talk you out of what you're gonna do, but she can sure as hell try to suck and fuck her way out of it. That can only turn out good for you. Margo is a 49-year-old divorcee from Tampa, Florida (born in Washington, D.C.), and she's a poker dealer. Clearly, she knows how to win with a losing hand.