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Video: 53 mins
Birthday: Jun. 1
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Average

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Sam goes for a massage. Lucky him, his masseuse is Lisa Pinelli, a 46-year-old mom with a sexy, voluptuous body. Sam gets naked. She gets naked, too, although he doesn't know it because he's face-down, and when he turns over, he gets a very nice surprise. Lisa massages his cock with her mouth then her pussy then her ass and he shoots his load all over her big booty. What a happy ending! Is Sam's injury cured? Who knows, but he's definitely feeling a lot better. This won't surprise you, but Lisa said, "I am definitely into anal sex." But she hasn't had much experience with much-younger men, which makes this unusual for her since Sam is young enough to be her son. "My wildest experience was when I lay on a massage bed and four people were touching me everywhere," she said. Well, maybe now her wildest experience was when she gave a young guy a massage and let him fuck her ass for all the world to see.
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By the time this scene opens, Mya Evans, a 54-year-old wife and grandmother, has already cum several times. This sexy blonde from Ukraine had been fucking her ass with a toy, but now she wants the real thing. Fortunately, there's a guy who's ready for her, and the fact that he's half her age (easily young enough to be her son) makes her even happier. She's naked. He's not. She takes care of that in a hurry by getting his dick out so she can suck it, then she DPs herself, using the toy in her pussy while he fucks her ass. Finally, she gets her legs all the way back so he can cream her fuck boxes. YourMomLovesAnal: Are you a swinger? Mya: I have swinger experience. Sometimes it's a lot of fun and very interesting. YourMomLovesAnal: Are you a nudist? Mya: I am. I became one about 10 years ago in Greece. YourMomLovesAnal: How often do you have sex? Mya: Every day. Sometimes twice a day or more. YourMomLovesAnal: Before today, had you ever had sex with a younger man? Mya: Always!
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